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Add On Services


All services, treats, and activities can be split up during your pets visit.


Munchers and Crunchers

Rawhide $3 ea.

Kong $4 ea.

Pig Ears $3 ea.

Teeth Cleaning Chew $3 ea.

Pig Hooves $3 ea.

Lick Mat $3 ea.

Spa Time

Nail Trim $15-$20

Ear Cleaning $10-$15

Teeth Cleaning with Toothbrush and Paste $5

Brush Out $25-$50 (depending on the dog). If your prefer a full grooming, we have a groomer close by that you can call to set up an appointment. We transport free of charge. Please ask for details.

Extra Playtime

$10 per private 20 minute session. 2 Dogs/ same price.


Basic Training

$25 per private 30 minute session. Dogs who come together are trained separately.


Extra Walks

$8 per private walk. Walk will cover all trails.

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