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Plan Your Stay

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We Are Open 7 Days/Week


Hours for drop off and pick up are: 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM & 4:00 to 6:00 PM Monday - Friday and Sunday. Please note that we close an hour earlier on Saturdays. Pick up is by 5:00 PM. 


Even though we are working, we are not open for drop off or pick up on the following major holidays.

  • New Year’s Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas Day

During holidays (whenever schools are closed for vacation or long weekend) there are minimum charges. Although we do not raise our prices during holidays, we do have minimum stay requirements that vary depending upon the length of the holiday.

Bed and Biscuit Dog House Graphic
Bed and Biscuit Dog House Graphic

Check In 

All dogs must be on a leash when arriving at the kennel. Things are busy around here and while your dog may be friendly another dog may not! 


Please don't enter the kennel without someone giving you the "all clear"!  You never know when some little four legged friend may be loose!

Check In should take approximately 10-15 minutes for a first time guest. Please allow enough time. It is also best to make your good bye short and sweet…as if you’re leaving for the grocery store. Remember that your dog can read you like a book. Your dog will feel your confidence in your selection of Bed and Biscuit and that will help him to feel confident too.

You may want to hold off on your dog’s food if you’re dropping off in the morning depending on what time you get up. Some dogs get car sick and others are just anxious. We want to try and think of all the things that could cause your dog undue stress.

Check In
Bed and Biscuit Dog House Graphic


All Inclusive $65 / 2 Dogs (same run) $115


This fee includes a Lamb and Rice dry food, a spacious sleeping area w/riser or Kuranda Orthopedic bed, and bedding if needed. Also included in your daily fee are 3 walks per day. We have trails through the woods and the dogs get a nice walk through them to do their business and to tend to all the other things dogs like to tend to. There are always new smells to be found.

Our fee structure works pretty much like a hotel: The day you check in is a day, not matter if you check in during our morning hours or afternoon hours. The day you check out, if you check out during our morning hours, there is no charge for that day. If you check out during our afternoon hours, there is a charge for that day.

Our price is all-inclusive.  We don’t charge for administration of medication that you bring to us.

Please Note:

We accept cash, checks and Venmo transactions only.

We do not accept plastic of any kind.

We offer a $5 discount per day for cash payments.

Check Out

Bed and Biscuit Dog House Graphic

Your dog is SO excited to see you! Please try not to be overly excited to see him/her…although you are. Your calm reaction to seeing your dog will reinforce to him/her that you are again confident in your choice.

Please only give small amounts of food and water for the first few hours that you are home. Your dog is happy and excited and could easily gulp down food and/or water causing undo digestive upsets.

Your dog may sleep a day or two away when finally back in his calm and quiet home. This is normal considering the hubbub of the kennel environment.



  • We feed a Lamb and Rice dry kibble.

  • If you choose to bring your dogs food, in an effort to try and save our planet, it would be appreciated if all food items are packaged in a hardsided airtight container or large plastic bag and NOT individual plastic bags. ​

  • Supplements should be properly marked and meds in their original containers. 

  • We have a microwave and a refrigerator if needed.

  • Being small allows us to accommodate many special requests.  We want your dog to be comfortable here and we also want you to be able to enjoy your time away and not worry.


Our price is all-inclusive.  We don’t charge for administration of medication that you bring to us.  Prescriptions should be in their original container.  That includes vitamins and supplements.  Please bring those things with you that you feel are important to your dogs health and well being.  We’re happy to do that for you…we’ll even supply the cheese!

Additional Services

Small Furry Friend Care - $15.00 per day

Day Stay Program - Basic $50.00 / Premium $65.00 per day

Vaccination Protocol

Vaccinations! At least 10 days before boarding, dogs need to be up to date on their vaccinations. Dogs need to be current on Rabies, DHLPP, and Canine cough. Please check with your vet or give a call if you have questions. You can ask your vet to email or fax us a vaccination certificate or you can bring a copy when you check in.

BYOB (edding!)

You are more than welcome to bring bedding for your dog… unless it’s YOUR bed! Please don’t buy new bedding for your dog’s stay as we’ve found sometimes your dog will ruin it. Something familiar is always good, a blanket and/or a t shirt. We have plenty of bedding if you need it.


If you have a geriatric dog or a dog that has just had surgery, we have rubber padding that we can put on the floor to increase comfort.


You can bring 2-3 of your dogs favorite toys. We have plenty of bowls unless you use a raised system.

Things To Bring

  • Dog food

  • Blanket and/or Bed

  • 2-3 toys

  • Meds/Supplements

  • Oh ya… and the Dog!!

Vaccination Protocol

SAVE TIME! Download our forms for faster check in!

Smiling collie in the autumn woods behind the Bed and Biscuit Country Boarding Inn in Amesbury, Massachusetts
2 smiling dogs behind the fence of an outdoor kennel enclosure in Amesbuty, Massachusetts
2 leashed Cavalier Spaniels bring taken for a walk behind the kennel at the Bed and Biscuit Country Boarding Inn
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