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Dog Training Services
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Black and brown juvenille dog outside the Bed and Biscuit Dog Kennel.
Adult German Shepard and a puppy laying in cedar chips at the Bed and Biscuit Kennel.
Golden Retreiver laying in the grass.

Programs and Fees

Individual Lesson: $110


Work one-on-one with an experienced trainer during an hour long private Iesson where each session is based around your specific needs. Whether it be obedience, behavior modificatlon, communication or other concerns, you will notice big improvements each lesson. This training is geared towards real life situations.

Private Lesson Package: 4 Lessons $599

This program is geared towards hands-on training by working one on one with our head dog trainer Chris. Throughout these four weeks you will notice a stronger bond between you and your dog. Chris will show you step by step training exercises that can be easily practiced at home. After each session, there will be a lesson sheet given, explaining what was worked on in each session. After finishing this course you will notice you have more confidence and control over your dog.

Includes: Lesson homework sheets, leash & prong collar

Board and Train 10 Day Program: $2299

Choosing the right program to send your dog to is an important decision. Here at Bed and Biscuit our head dog trainer Chris will bring your dog through a structured course. Each day your dog will receive multiple training sessions and all of these will all be tracked to maintain the progress related to your goals. On top of their training they will also receive daily walks, play sessions, and be socialized around a farm environment. This is geared towards real life training encounters and will help create a more calm, confident, controlled dog.

Includes: One 60 minute go home lesson, leash & prong collar

• Must have updated vaccines 

• Minimum fo months of age 

• Deposit must be made to keep your spot

Board and Train 15 Day Program: $3000

This program is great for someone looking for more development in these areas of training. Similar to the one week plus this includes two field trips, two go home lessons, and higher quality results . This helps demonstrate more real life training for when you need your dog more calm around added distractions.

Includes: Two go home lessons, leash, E-collar, prong collar, improved manners, 5 training commands

• Must have updated vaccines 

• Minimum six months of age 

• Deposit must be made to keep your spot

About Our Trainer

Hi I'm Chris Brown,

Owner of Clean Finish Canine and a  Certified Professional Dog Trainer with seven years of experience working beside some of the best Dog Trainers in the country. ln 2016 I completed the intensive 2O-week Tom Rose School and went on to study at Tarheel Canine where I fine tuned my training abilities in the areas of personal protection, scent work and obedience.


After training over a hundred dogs, I took a six-month position working beside a well known Dog Trainer at an exclusive training facility in Asheville, NC. There, I mastered skills in off leash training, advanced obedience, behavior modification and problem solving.


I am passionate about providing dog owners with the knowledge and skills to help create more well mannered dogs and have developed a reputation for being able to connect with dogs and plan and implement effective training solutions.


I look forward to helping you enjoy your dog more,


chris brown_edited.jpg

Foundations of Dog Training


A dog's understanding of the connection between cause and effect occurs in less than 1.3 seconds. lf you are not marking with a 'good" for a wanted behavior or a "no" for an unwanted behavior in that short period of time, your dog will have a hard time understanding you. Just remember dog's live in the moment.


The ability for your dog to learn a behavior through you being clear and concise every time. Consistency can be one of the most difficult parts of training, but it creates better communication and less confusion for your dog. For example, if your dog is usually allowed on furniture, but when the football game is on he's not, this is sending mixed messages.


Rewarding the desirable behaviors and connecting the undesirable behaviors. When you are training your dog its important to ask yourself: did he perform a certain task? Keep in mind your dog may try to get his way because it's worked in the past, but the more consistent you are with positive reinforcements and negative reinforcements the less likely he will be to repeat bad habits. The rewards can be treats, toys, petting, or something else specific to your dog's drive. The corrections can be anything from a leash pop, a bonker, or an e-collar, but try to balance your level of praise with their quantity of service.

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